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Diciadain, 11/May/2011

Islay in the News Today

Islay News in stencil

What a news day for Islay, for the wrong and the right reasons: Alternative titles for this entry could have been ‘Explosive Islay Whisky Causes Airport Scare’, ‘Bomb Scare at Tiny Islay Airport’ or ‘New Islay Ferry on the Way to Relieve Closed Bomb Scare Airport’. Well, something along those lines.

So what brought Islay into the news today?

The first news item was rather unexpected, a bomb scare at Islay Airport! The first thing I spotted was a tweet by R Woodrow mentioning a bomb scare. Intrigued I started a search and quickly found a report in STV News: Airport evacuated after bomb scare. Since then the BBC has also picked it up in Airport alert over computer check. Seems the laptop of a Japanese whisky enthusiast had a positive results when tested for traces of explosives. Cue the appropriate fiery Islay whisky jokes…

The other news many have been waiting for quite a long time: The first sighting I had was in the Shipbuilding Tribune, UK: CMAL Takes Delivery of New Passenger Ferry. This seems to be pretty much the CMAL news release CMAL take delivery of MV Finlaggan in Gdansk, Poland. More about the new ferry on the MV Finlaggan page on the CMAL website as well as the MV Finlaggan project pages. I wonder if I'll get at least one crossing with it during my next Islay visit in June?

Both items might be worth watching over the next few days, what triggered the alarm on the laptop and when exactly will the new Islay ferry go into service?

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