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Diardaoin, 12/May/2011

Bear Bones in a Toy Shop

Islay Music in stencil

Not sure if I've had a Music Thursday before, I think there was one at some point. Even if not, we're having one today. Regular readers will hopefully remember the band, while not strictly speaking fully Islay it is at least 12.5% Islay. The band is of course Bear Bones, here is a new video:

YouTube: Bear Bones - Give Me My Teeth

Not with Lucy Goldie this time as in the previous videos Oil & Lacquer and Diving Bell, may be next time again? Not sure who was responsible for the set design, if Phoebe got to play with the toy train?

Anyway, another great song, certainly at least 1,000,000 times better than the Eurovision rubbish far too many people seem to be watching at the moment. Those lucky enough to live in the Glasgow area can listen to it live today in a week, when Bear Bones headline one of the first Communion Shows in Scotland. No, unfortunately Aldermaston Wharf doesn't fall into that category.

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