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Dimàirt, 05/Jul/2011

Sean O'Leary's Paintings in the Islay Hotel

Islay Pictures in stencil

Back in June when I posted the Islay Hotel Port Ellen Update I hinted at a follow up posting about certain paintings. Those who know a little bit more about the hotel and its history will probably have guessed that I was talking about the Sean O'Leary mural paintings. This evening I finally got around to pulling together a few pictures of his paintings. The first one shows a scene in Port Ellen:

Photo of a painting of a village scene

If I understand (and remember) correctly this painting didn't originally ‘hang’ (Sean didn't paint on canvas, he painted directly on the wall) in the Islay Hotel. It was on the wall of a garage/shed on Frederick Crescent. Roland got it from the owner and after restoring it put it on to one of the walls of the future restaurant of the hotel. The people in the picture are all local Port Ellen people, I believe several of them are still around.

Having first planned to put a frame around it feedback from various people indicated this would be wrong, so now the border you can still see around the mural will just be painted. Ultimately it should look like Sean painted it on to the wall.

A painting saved from the old hotel (if I remember correctly) is this scene of boats sailing off Port Ellen:

Photo of a damaged painting of sailing boats

Unfortunately this one got damaged and will need some repairs before it can be put up. As a size comparison and for another view here's a picture of the first two together:

Photo of two paintings

The largest (by quite a margin) and possibly most eagerly awaited one I've left to last. I believe it's a wedding or a ball, if I remember right there are also several local people in it:

Photo of a large mural painting by Sean O'Leary showing a wedding or a ball

This mural is huge and the small picture I can display here doesn't do it justice. So here's a much much larger version of Sean O'Leary's mural painting. Again this one is damaged and will need some restauration work, but Roland is planning to get it up on a wall of the hotel at some point. I think many people will be looking forward to it.

I don't know much more about the man or the paintings, a quite detailed attempt of an approach to Sean O'Leary can be found on The Local Legends Project with Painting Sean O'Leary – A Tribute to a Local Legend.

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures, if you have any further information or any corrections to what I've written above please leave them in the comments. Thank you!

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