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Diciadain, 06/Jul/2011

Nicola's Islay Pictures

Islay Pictures in stencil

Have I mentioned before that you can never have enough Islay pictures? Yes, I have. So I'm going to link to a few more. Some of you might be familiar with her pictures already, as Ron briefly mentioned her in his Your Islay PicPlz entry. I thought Nicola's pictures deserve more attention:

Screenshot of two pictures in a photo gallery

Now I'm the first to admit that I don't have a ‘PicPlz’ account and it is very unlikely that I will ever have one. These filters and all those things aren't really my thing. Yet I think you should really take a look at Nicola Halsall's pictures on picplz.

To start with she doesn't fully use the filters on all the pictures and more importantly where she uses them they somehow seem to make sense. They work. I think it's partially because I think she's really good with the picture ‘titles’ or desriptions or whatever you want to call them. But also because to me she has a great eye for pictures, for scenes, for events, for the little things around us.

I'm not sure how many non-Brits will get the He's behind you! reference, but to me it makes the picture. Less from the title but more from the composition I really like The cow and the lighthouse. Islay gets busier is just a beautiful tranquil scene well spotted.

I hope you'll enjoy Nicola's pictures before she says Night Night from Portnahaven!

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