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Diciadain, 14/Sep/2011

Gallop along Machir Bay, Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

I've had this video bookmarked for a while, trying to think of a good opportunity to post it. Well, I decided today is that day. I was exchanging e-mails with my sister today about an upcoming visit to her in Germany, where she is going to introduce me to the horse she bought earlier this year. While I doubt her horse will ever make it to Islay I think she (and hopefully many of my other readers as well) will enjoy this video of horse riding in Machir Bay, a place she knows well:

Youtube: Gallop along Machir Bay

The riders here came from Rockside Farm, which offers horseriding on a regular basis. I've seen them on the beach many times, unfortunately never had my camera when they were galloping. Machir Bay I guess is one of the best places on Islay to do this, the other place I can think of would be the Big Strand, not sure if Ballivicar Farm goes there.

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