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Diciadain, 21/Sep/2011

Islay Ships and Coaches from EoinIleach

Islay Pictures in stencil

Back from Germany after a nice long weekend with my sister and father. Time to return with some Islay pictures after taking lots of pictures of horses and Heidelberg. The pictures are quite old, or at least what's in them is:

Screenshot of pictures of ships and coaches in a Flickr stream

These pictures are from EoinIleach's flickr photostream, where we mostly find pictures of large cruise ships. However, if you select only the pictures tagged Islay you'll find those gems above.

I think those 1960 Bedford C5 coaches are some of the best looking coaches ever, looking at some well preserved models like the No.54 on her return to Islay is just a joy. In a way similar is Port Askaig in Summer 1967, while of course technically far inferior I think those old ships just look far better than their modern counterparts.

I hope you'll enjoy the pictures as well.

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