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Diluain, 19/Sep/2011

Non-Islay Picture of my Long Weekend Off

Picture of Imke Grewe riding her horse Brioso

Sorry, not much of an Islay update on this blog for this long weekend off for me. While I've kept the Islay Pictures photoblog updated with daily Islay pictures nothing has happened here really. As mentioned earlier I'm off on a long weekend visiting my sister and father in Heidelberg, Germany. As at least some of my readers have met my sister during her Islay visits and some know that she bought a horse earlier this year I thought I share a picture of the two I took today.

The picture shows my sister Imke on her horse Brioso, a Lusitano, imported from Portugal. He's 5 years old, in other words a very young horse. He still has to learn a lot, but she's very happy with him. I also understand her fellow riders are very jealous.

For those who really need their Islay fix, a few other blog entries I found worth mentioning today: Rachel found some Hypnotic Waves on the shores of Loch Indaal, Finally says Meruby and even though you might not want to read it before a meal Dining from nature’s table with the Hideous Mutt by Writes of Way. For those wanting to watch a video try the Isle of Islay Trailer. Normal Islay blogging service will resume shortly here, by mid week you can expect new entries.

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