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Disathairne, 04/Feb/2012

The Giant's Crossing to Islay

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The things people do for a challenge and for charity… Last weekend I spotted a few reports about someone planning to paddle a surfboard across the North Channel from Ireland to Islay. As it was a Sunday which of course is booked for the Islay blogging roundup I didn't follow it up further, also Ron posted a quick entry, Paddling from Ireland to Islay. Since then I've done a bit more research and found more interesting links:

The surfer in question is called Alastair Mennie from Northern Ireland, to see a bit of him in action you might want to head over to the AlMennie YouTube Channel. Here's an example of what he's up to:

Al Mennie - Big Wave Surfer

On his news/blog page he announced his plans in Charity Paddle, with further information available on his The Giants Crossing charity page:

I plan to paddle a surfboard across a very unique stretch of water at the end of March beginning of April 2012. It will be the northernmost crossing of its type in the world. I will have to deal with freezing cold temperatures, large open ocean swell, potentially high winds and the deadly currents around a well known navigational hazard of a North Atlantic Island. [..]

I will be crossing between the famous landmark of The Giants Causeway to the Scottish Island of Islay. The journey is 25 miles. I chose this route because the distance matches one of the crossings the Hawaiians do in sun cream and board shorts. I will be wearing a 6mm wetsuit and crossing the most dangerous stretch of water around the Irish coastline known for its extremely deadly currents as the Irish Sea tides drain between Rathlin Island and Northern Ireland. [..]

Al is aiming to raise funds for the Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke Association, you can support Alastair on his JustGiving The Giants Crossing by Al Mennie page. You can also follow him on his @AlMennie Twitter account, I assume there will be updates leading up to the big event.

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