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Didòmhnaich, 05/Feb/2012

Islay Blogging Roundup #199

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

It was the weekend the winter and the snow finally arrived in Aldermaston Wharf. Well, kind of. As of this evening it's largely gone, although with a possible frost it could get a bit icy tomorrow morning. I know a few people on Islay were disappointed they didn't get any snow, I think you weren't that much worse off than West Berkshire. After that snow update back to the blogs, what did they have to say about Islay, Jura and Colonsay?

As part of his new job with Bruichladdich Craig had an induction class on Islay, here he writes about ‘Watering your Whisky’. Rachel went on a tour of Lagavulin Distillery ~ A snapshot, sumishu also visited Lagavulin Distillery #scotland #islay #distillery. The Distant Thunder Whisky Club (which I believe resides in Australia) was Getting your Laphroaig On – The Official Laphroaig BBQ Sauce. The Bruichladdich Blog officially announced Laddie TV and announced the Octomore 4.2 Comus. From Switzerland the ardblog has some comments about the Spezialabfüllung für den ersten Ardbeg Day vom 2. Juni 2012. And the Drink Insider thinks that Creativity can sometimes lead to a branding clusterfu*%k.

The Our Learning Blog of Port Ellen Primary School has seen another busy week: They solved Puzzles in class!!! and had a big Playground Clean up. Harry is one of the finalist in the The forest pitch event, I should think we'll read about how he got on in the finals next week.

In other news Ron launches his Islay Info Android App in Market and on his Jura blog writes about A new celebration of oral culture on Jura. scottishboating writes about Cool Colonsay with many pictures from a recent visit. Jan is an artist working with various techniques, among them Isle of Islay; drawing with stitch (missed them last year I think, there's another Islay; drawing with stitch, both inspired by Autumn and Holidays). The IET blog asks Solar PV – is it still worth it? and provides some answers. Elliott of Islay Sea Shipping asks for help to Save Port Ellen Ferris

On to the nature, birdwatching and wildlife: Rachel went for A Short Walk in the Hebridean Bush. The Islay Birds blog has a picture of a Glaucous Gull and a large variety of birds from Bob and others. The Islay Natural History Trust blog has some great entries with pictures from Mark and Sally, including Otters and various white-winged Gulls. Becky went on a walk to the Chambered Cairn, Frachdale, Islay. John Armitage has only just returned to Islay from a long trip to the mainland, I hope he will start writing on his A birding odyssey blog again soon.

As usual I will close with the pictures: If you spot a man behaving strangely somewhere in the wilderness on Islay at night, running around with a tripod, camera and torch, you quite possibly have come across either Niall or James. The two have been out and about a lot recently, taking great night shots around the island. James played Games With The Moonlight while Niall went for the American Monument and the Port Ellen Memorial. I hope they will get a few more clear nights so that I can continue this series…

Ron has a view of the Portnahaven Parish Church Interior. For his Image of the week Mark Unsworth dives into his archives while on his Islay Photography Gallery we find Cask Stencils. Finally from my own Islay Pictures photoblog I'll go for The Paps of Jura from Loch Corr, Isle of Islay, Kilchoman in the June Evening Light and Early Evening in June at Saligo Bay, Isle of Islay.

And that's it for tonight, I think. As usual the reference to the Scottish Roundup (which is looking for editors, see Bloggers and readers, your Scottish Roundup needs you), this week with Smacking and other punishments…….. Good night!

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