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Diardaoin, 09/Feb/2012

Kate's Islay and Jura Whisky Raffle for Vanessa

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Recently I seem to be revisiting previous posts quite a bit. Remember the Islay Whisky Auction for Vanessa Riddle from January? Since then Kate Ross has been busy and has now organised a raffle in support of the Vanessa Riddle Appeal and the Neuroblastoma Alliance. This time it involves all Islay and Jura distilleries:

Picture of nine Islay and Jura whiskies

Kate has obtained bottles from all Islay and Jura whisky distilleries (getting each of them signed by the respective distillery manager to make them more valuable) and is now organising Kate's Whisky Raffle. The raffle is still a few weeks out (the draw will take place at Bowmore Distillery on Wednesday the 25th of May) but if you want to have a chance of getting your hands on these you might want to act sooner rather than later:

If you're not into whisky you can also donate to Kate's Sponsored Walk (also in support of Vanessa), otherwise head over to Kate's Whisky Raffle for further details as well as to donate and claim your raffle ticket. For questions you'll need to contact Kate Ross via email. Good luck!

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