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Diluain, 13/Feb/2012

Islay Boots, for walking on Islay?

Islay Fun in stencil

As regular readers might recall I occasionally mention products which for fairly obvious or not so obvious at all reasons carry the name (or brand) Islay. Examples include the Islay iPad Sleeve and the Islay fashion brand. I had seen mentions of it before, but this morning I came across a news release for the Islay Boot:

Small preview thumbnail of the boots

The boot is made by a shoemaker called Crockett & Jones from Northampton, the boot in question is the Islay Dark Brown Country Calf Boot. It is part of their country shoes and boots range and according to the description the leather is designed for general outdoor wear while the rubber soles are water resistant. I'm not sure what their definition of general outdoor wear is, I should think they'll be good for a beach walk on Islay but I don't think I would wear them when walking some of the rougher and muddier ground on Islay. While I haven't seen any price the website creates the impression they won't come cheap.

Either way, I quite like their look, I can imagine a gentleman visiting an Islay distillery or the Islay Woollen Mill on a rainy day wearing them.

Oh, and the name? I haven't found any explanation for that choice, however, I've noticed there are also Skye, Mull and Snowdon boots. The news release also mentions an Arran boot, although I haven't been able to find that (the link in the news release doesn't work, it just redirects to the collections).

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