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Diciadain, 22/Feb/2012

Justin Tyers Book Launch at Lagavulin, Islay

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How many of you remember Justin? Quite a few I hope: Some of you might have noticed a new blog I've started to mention in the roundup recently,, Blogging about sailing, living on board a boat, and Hebridean island life. Those with a really good memory might even remember the Furniture from Islay entry from May 2010 (unfortunately the video seems to have gone now). Now one of the biggest events in Justin Tyers' life is coming up in one week, and it will take place on Islay:

On the 1st of March 2012 the book launch for Justin Ruthven-Tyers Phoenix from the Ashes: The boat that rebuilt our lives will take place at Lagavulin Distillery. Earlier today Justin was so kind to send me some further information about the book and the events on the day of the book launch. Let me start with Justin's description of the book:

Picture of a book cover

The book tells the story of how, after losing everything in a house fire, Linda (my wife) and I irrationally decided to build a 15 ton classic boat as complete amateurs - starting with the trees - and then lived on board for seven years visiting the Celtic coasts of France, Ireland and Scotland; eventually settling here on Islay... but the book is mainly about our lifestyle, and about the quirky, sometimes odd, but always interesting people you meet as strangers on the shore.

The launch party will take place at Lagavulin distillery on the 1st of March from 19:30 to 21:30, there will be a welcome dram, a short illustrated talk and finally signed copies will be available at £8.99. Everyone is welcome says Justin, they'd love to see them. There will also be a live interview on BBC Radio Scotland at just before 11:00 (you can also listen to a previous Radio 4 interview (their part begins at 10:15 min)). There should also be press interviews in various newspapers including the Daily Express, Independent, The Record, Sunday Express, and Perth and Dundee Courier.

To close I think it's best to let Justin and Linda talk about their life and the book themselves:

Justin's Book from Tribe Media on Vimeo.

PS: For even more including a look inside the book check out the Phoenix from the Ashes pages at the publishers website (click on ‘Extras’ and then on ‘Expand’ on the book cover).

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