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Diciadain, 29/Feb/2012

Jeremy James Islay Lino Prints

Islay Links in stencil

Fingers crossed I'll get this entry online without too many hitches, having broadband problems this evening with it cutting out every couple of minutes. Not too helpful when trying to blog. Anyway, decided to revisit an Islay link I briefly mentioned in July 2011 as some new information has come to light:

Small screenshot of lino prints of four Islay distilleries

The artist in question is called Jeremy James, who is based in Derbyshire. James mainly works on ceramic sculptures, but also does other things.

This is where his Islay related work comes in. Last year I mentioned the Islay Distillery Linocuts he was working on in 2010. I assume it must have been (at least) his second Islay visit, he writes about an October visit in The Isle of Islay published at the end of October 2011. At the very end of the entry he mentions a new large Chough linocut he is about to make. I'm not sure if it is the one he was talking about, but if you head to the Original Prints section of his online shop you find a ‘Choughs’ print inspired by an Islay visit. On the page you'll also find the Islay distillery prints and one of Jura.

Not directly Islay related (at least not as far as I know), but certainly some of the birders might like some of his sculptures. I quite like the Redshank and the Kingfishers. The Otters are quite nice as well.

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