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Diardaoin, 01/Mar/2012

Discharging Barley in Port Ellen, Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

And now for something a bit different. Also probably a bit of a niche interest, mostly for Islay whisky geeks and may be a handful of residents of Port Ellen. To make whisky you need barley and the barley malted in the Port Ellen Islay Maltings arrives via the ‘barley boat’, which you can watch being discharged here:

YouTube: Barley discharging port ellen

The video was uploaded by Faversham Ships, I believe the ship in the video is the MV Shetland Trader. You'll notice the picture of her was taken in Port Ellen. They also own the Islay Trader and I think another regular Islay visitor, the Valiant.

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