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Diciadain, 21/Mar/2012

Little Egret, Even More Islay Inspired Jazz

Islay Music in stencil

I've just decided it's (Islay) Music Wednesday today. Just because I can. And felt like it. Anyway, after Birds And Whisky, Jazz Inspired by Islay and Flock / After Dusk, More Islay Inspired Jazz it's time for the third composition from the series by Stu Brown and John Hollenbeck:

YouTube: “Little Egret” - Stu Brown/John Hollenbeck Group

For those not familiar with them, Little Egret are comparably rare visitors to Islay. I don't know if Stu and John saw one during their week on Islay, but considering that they wrote music about it they quite possibly did see one. Their guides from the RSPB I'm sure would have pointed it out.

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