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Didòmhnaich, 01/Apr/2012

Islay Blogging Roundup #207

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

That's a rather mixed weekend coming to an end as far as I'm concerned. After a rather wasted Saturday I was quite happy with how today went. Speaking of today, in the unlikely event that you haven't recognised it, the Apple Store on Islay House Square was of course my April Fools for this year. This afternoon I tried some preparation for my upcoming Islay visits, I went out for a walk to take some pictures of Birds around Aldermaston Wharf. Now it's time for the weekly Islay blogging roundup to end the week:

Let me start with a new blog which should really come to life in a few weeks: Fèis Ìle. The only entry so far is The journey begins, but I expect that to change soon. Related some whisky entries: Epi-Q tastes Port Charlotte's An Turas Mor. After a recent visit The Whisky Barrel Blog writes about Islay's New Releases: Chasing the Dram. The Bruichladdich blog is Delivering a Dramatic Message and in the news section the Black Art 3 is announced. Also a 1968 whisky discovered on the shelf!!!! of the Cholmondeley Arms in Malpas.

Islay's neighbours also get various mentions: David Gordon writes Jura: Beautiful Isolation from just across the Sound of Islay. If you're on Colonsay on Easter Monday you might want to try some MacPhee Bagging.

The tourist season is kicking off and Gordon is writing about their Spring 2012 Visit. The Traveling Savage uses mainly Islay as an example when writing about How to Decipher the Hand-Waves of Scottish Motorists. Ron claims Spring has Arrived on Islay

Rachel has a very nice interview with John Campbell of Laphroaig distillery. I'm not sure I get the connection (I'm guessing it's oak casks?) between the trees and Laphroaig in this Laphroaig Whisky Harrods feature window. If you're in Stockholm you might want to try the Laphroaig Lounge.

Becky went for another walk and writes about it in Ballimartin to Airigh Mairi Thormaid, Islay. Many of you will hopefully be familiar with the story of the accordions, Black Diamond Accordions has Accordions for Islay Children VI - more press coverage. Justin writes about a simpler life in Fsst… he’s our new neighbour. Al Mennie has now updated his blog with Charity paddle to Islay, Scotland completed and over £2000 raised for NI Chest Heart and Stroke.

The Our Learning Blog of Port Ellen primary school again has a large variety of entries, including about Sport Relief, Moral Tales and Selfish Giant (skills).

There was also some birdwatching and wildlife: The Islay Birds blog has some International Geese count numbers and various visitor reports from Jura and Islay. The INHT blog brings us Daffodils in Gruinart Wood, Greenland White-fronted Geese - Anser albifrons flavirostris and Early Bluebells - Bridgend Woods. Both report the sad news of large wildfires: Rhinns on fire, The extent of the fire, Ian's Saturday summary and Sunday update cover them. John Armitage also thanks the firefighters for their work in Paying the penalty !

And to close the pictures: Mark Unsworth has a great picture of Saligo Bay and a View to Saligo Bay. James Deane went on an Overnight Walk to Bholsa and returned with lots of fabulous pictures. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I think I'll go for Arrival at the Singing Sands, Rock Formations at Mala Bholsa and Rocky Northern Shoreline, Isle of Islay.

To finish the usual reference to the Scottish Roundup, even though this week's entry hasn't been posted yet. Good night!

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