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Diluain, 02/Apr/2012

Remember the Wallaby on Islay?

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No, this isn't an April Fools, that one was yesterday. For this story and the appeal for help I have to take you back quite a few years, well before this blog was launched. However, I did mention it on my other blog back in 2004: Wallaby on Islay. Someone is now revisiting this story:

In short, a dead Wallaby (not native to Islay) was found near Islay airport and it was never fully determined where it had come from and how it got there. One of the better reports still available online is probably the SMH's Puzzle over dead wallaby. Alasdair Bayne has now decided to revisit the topic and to make a film about the Islay Wallaby mystery of 2004. He's working with the Scottish Documentary Institute where he is one of four filmmakers of the Bridging the Gap 2011-2012 final selections.

Alasdair and his crew visited Islay in January for a week and are now back in April for a full month. This is where you come in, provided you remember the Wallaby: Alasdair is looking for anyone with information about the Wallaby, anyone who might have seen the Wallaby hopping around the island and more. Anyone related to the incident in any way. If you do you can email him at or call him on his mobile 07958-454382.

All the best to Alasdair for a successful completion of the project, I'm looking forward to watching what he comes up with. Will it solve the mystery?

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