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Dimàirt, 10/Apr/2012

A New Sign for The Islay Hotel

Islay News in stencil

Just a fairly short entry tonight with two pictures. But then again I was kind of waiting for them for several months. Let me take you back to October/ November last year, when in The Islay Hotel restaurant and bar are open for business! I mentioned that it would receive a sign outside. That sign has now arrived, as a friend on Islay told me today:

Picture of two men hanging a sign for The Islay Hotel

Iain and Nigel can be seen above putting up the sign today in glorious sunshine. While the name ‘the islay’ has been visible on the door from the start some people say it wasn't necessarily clear to visitors that this was indeed The Islay Hotel. The new sign should make it much more clearer:

Picture of a sign for The Islay Hotel above the hotel entrance

Now all I need is some nice weather next week to take the pictures for the final panorama and then a bit of time to complete the Islay Hotel Port Ellen Panorama series (I've got a few outstanding ones as well for the full history). Fingers crossed!

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