—> 2012 —> Saint Tudwal, Wreck Diving near Ardbeg, Islay

Diciadain, 11/Apr/2012

Saint Tudwal, Wreck Diving near Ardbeg, Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

Hm, Islay on Video might be slightly misleading here, as you won't get to see anything of Islay really. Or at least not as most of us would recognise it. It's one of the best wreck diving videos from Islay's water's I've seen so far, I hope you'll enjoy as well:

YouTube: Saint Tudwal

Many thanks to Peter Moir and Tom Lang for filming and starring in this! It's a world most of us will never get to see ourselves, as the wreck lies at almost 60m (that's deeper than an Olympic swimming pool is long…). As you can see in the comments to the video you do need special equipment and extensive training to dive to these depths.

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