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Diciadain, 09/May/2012

So, how do you pronounce Bruichladdich then?

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Just a very short video tonight, but then again it might be helpful to a few people wondering how to pronounce the name of one of Islay's distilleries. The distillery in question is obviously Bruichladdich (otherwise the headline wouldn't make any sense) and this, according to Ruaraidh McLeod, is how you should pronounce it:

YouTube: How do you pronounce Bruichladdich?

Oh, and if you thought that was difficult you can always plan a trip to Germany and visit Mönchengladbach. Or if your team is playing in the Champions League hope that Borussia Mönchengladbach don't play your team in the Champions League qualification and/or Champions League proper. On the other hand, if you practice Bruichladdich often enough at least the ch shouldn't be a problem…

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