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Diardaoin, 10/May/2012

Beautiful Islay Wildlife Pictures

Islay Pictures in stencil

Some very nice wildlife pictures from Islay for you to enjoy this evening. If I remember the sequence of events correctly this great picture of an Otter was the first one I spotted earlier this evening. Taking a closer look at sjdugdale1's flickr photostream I soon discovered there was quite a lot more to see:

Screenshot with thumbnails from a flickr set showing Islay wildlife pictures

To start with head to the Islay wildlife set, as of writing this 23 pictures taken at various times. The already mentioned Otter is in here and also this brilliant shot of an Otter at Sanaigmore. There's also this Skylark or this Red Throated Diver. A separate set is given to some Brown Hares including these three Brown Hares.

But the best I've left for last, at least as far as I'm concerned: This three picture set of Peregrine Falcon taken on The Oa on Islay. My stand out favourite from the set is this stunning shot of the Peregrine Falcon, I think it's fantastic.

Now I can't be sure as the flickr account doesn't give the full name, but I'm fairly sure the photographer is Steven Dugdale, Wildlife Photographer. There's an Isle of Islay gallery on the site and a mention of annual Islay visits. Hopefully this means more great Islay wildlife pictures!

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