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Didòmhnaich, 27/May/2012

Islay Blogging Roundup #213

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Let me start today with a quick catch up, completely forgot to mention a significant event for this blog: On Wednesday it had its sixth birthday since the first post back in 2006 (the domain was registered much earlier, but it took a while to get going). I'm still enjoying it, I hope you still enjoy reading (or watching) the things I find and blog about. With that out of the way over to Islay, Gigha and Jura in the blogs this week:

Impossible to ignore the Islay Festival kicked off this weekend. The first blog entries are up already: I think I've mentioned Craig's Fèis Ìle 2012 blog previously, his most Bruichladdich Islay Festival Video are A Perfect Day, Oh Oh, They’Ve Arrived and Lagavulin. Next up are LivingRoom Whisky (you might remember them from Another side to LivingRoom Whisky), their first entry is Islay Festival Day One and I'm sure there's more to come. Not to be left behind there's also the Master of Malt Blog (they would like to be bothered by you), so far with Feis Ile 2012, Day 0 and Feis Ile 2012, Day 1. Rachel brings us Feis Ile ~ Islay Whisky Festival, Feis Ile ~ Lagavulin and Feis Ile ~ Bruichladdich.

I'm not entirely sure if they timed it for the festival, but the Phun Cruise 2012 is currently in the area, Wednesday 23 May – Campbeltown to Gigha, Thursday 24 May - Gigha and Friday 25 May 2012 – Gigha to Port Ellen are the most Bruichladdich Islay Festival Video. Other earlier visitors were Fergusons Whisky Tours, Day 3 – Arriving on Islay in a Gale! and Day 4 – Islay’s Kildalton Coast give you an insight into their tour.

Sticking with whisky (and gin), the Scotch Cinema has Lagavulin in "Parks & Recreation" (Part 3) and Lagavulin in "Parks & Recreation" (Part 4). Eamonn is an Irishman living in Munich and seems to be quite impressed by the The Botanist: Gin from… Scotland. Bruichladdich announces that Bruichladdich Hits Duty Free. Also spotted in a duty free was the Ardbeg watering can.

The Islay Whisky Chapter Austria recently visited Islay, if you understand German you can read about it in Islay Tag 1, Islay Tag 2, Islay Tag 3 and Islay Tag 4.

From Jura we have a blog dedicated to the JURA Fell Race 2012 with videos, results and more. It's also mention in a preview in This weekend…

Moving on to the schools, K&L Wines has Scotland - Day 12: A Serious Moment. Port Ellen Primary's Our Learning Blog brings news from the Beach Clean and Our Eco Codes. They have also been Dissecting a chicken! and had a science visit.

The bird- and other wildlife: The Islay Birds blog has pictures of a Siskin and a Lapwing chick. There were also various guest sightings. On the Islay Natural History Trust blog we find New Displays and a New Wormery. We can also learn about Pitfall trapping at Smaull and find out What's in a cowpat? John Armitage has Glorious weather, chilling news!

To finish as usual the pictures, James Grecian has Ardnave Point, Islay and Mint Sauce. Erica Chan has various Islay distillery pictures in distilleries. Mark Unsworth brings us Un Titled and Morris on his gallery. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I'll go for the Night Sky Over the Dunes at Saligo Bay, Beinn an Oir and a walker on Islay and Down on the Beach, Isle of Islay.

And I think that's it this week, I hope I haven't missed anything big. If I have, that's what the comments are there for. Before I leave you the weekly link to the Scottish Roundup for the bigger picture, this week with Sunshine, snaps and songs – Scotland in the week the Yes campaign launched. Good night, more links to blog entries about the Islay Festival next week…

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