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Disathairne, 11/Aug/2012

Ponies at the Islay Show

Islay on Video written in stencil

One of the big annual events on Islay is the Islay Show in August. Instead of the usual rain this year proved to be sunny and warm. Ron blogged a few pictures in 166th Islay Show Pictures earlier this week. This morning I came across a video showing a girl's successes in the horse/pony riding:

YouTube: Islay Show 2012 .Im03!

If I read it right her ponies are called Beauty and Joy. They won or had very good results in various categories, although I must admit most of it doesn't mean anything to me (my sister probably has a much better idea about this kind of stuff ;-)) At least after a quick Google search I now know what Chase me Charlie is. Can't say Islay blogging isn't educational…

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