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Diluain, 13/Aug/2012

Nice Jura Promo Film

Jura Excursions written in stencil

Took you to Colonsay last week, thought I'll take you just across the Sound of Islay to Jura this week. No sculpture this time, although some might argue that distilling whisky is an art in itself. At that's what today's video is about at least to an extent, the Isle of Jura and the whisky of the same name, Isle of Jura:

Jura from Robert Pogson on Vimeo.

Some nice views of Jura in the film I think, nothing new and spectacular, but still nice to watch I think. The morph from the old picture to the current view I also quite liked, I find these comparisons always fascinating. Hopefully you'll enjoy the video as well.

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