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Didòmhnaich, 02/Sep/2012

Islay Blogging Roundup #221

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

So there we are into September, after a sunny afternoon for me yesterday visiting the Aldermaston & Wasing Show 2012 today turned out to be pretty grey. Spent most of the time at home (apart from my daily run), catching up on a bit of reading and baking a Three Flour Walnut Bread. But now over to the Islay mentions in the blogs:

Let me start with a more unusual post I found this week, WMO03105, Islay, Port Ellen, Scotland. WMO takes us to the Surface Stations Survey by Tim, this entry is for the one on Islay of course.

After leaving Glasgow Rick has now reached The Isle of Islay on his travel blog. I believe the French (?) sailing yacht Keikiwai came down from Oban, visiting the ISLE OF JURA and the ISLE OF ISLAY on its way via LE NORTH CHANNEL D'ISLAY À BANGOR. On the journey from Canada to Italy the Handford family stopped over in Scotland including Islay, described in Haggis, Highlands and Single Malt.

The Islay History blog brings us a Gaelic song, Ceann Traigh Ghruinart, which is about a well known event on Islay. On the Our Learning Blog of Port Ellen Primary we find something about PE WITH BRANDON, Primary 5 Learning and What P2/3/4 Have Explored. They also had a visit from Stephen Baron and went to The Pier Opening.

There were a few Islay whisky posts this week, including Where there is smoke, there is fire. -Octomore 5.1 on Off The Rocks. On the Malt Impostor we find An Impostor Abroad: Stephen visits Caol Ila L.T. Do from California writes about her Scotland Trip: MAY 31 Landing on Islay and Hanging Out with John Campbell, the Distillery Manager from Laphroaig. Wild about Whisky from Dullstroom in South Africa writes Islay's newest distillery explodes with huge character and potential.... Not sure which language this is, Viskines komandiruotes: Škotija ir Islay sala (II dalis) seems to be about a visit to the festival earlier this year.

Next weekend will see the Islay Book Festival for Geoff Holder, In which the author gives two talks at the Islay Book Festival… Charlotte Hannett is involved in a different art and after her Islay holidays writes about Bracelets in the making… At the Rowan Cottage you can currently find a picture on the patio. The Islay & Jura Timebank reports from their first walk.

A bit of birdwatching: In ALL ABOARD we find some great pictures of White-tailed Eagles spotted from the ferry in the Sound of Islay. A visiting birder from Sweden blogs bilingual, 120701 Skottland-Scotland , day 8 Sunday, Ferry and 120701 Skottland-Skottland , day 8 Söndag, Färjan svenska are the entries so far. Locally on the Islay Birds blog we find a raptor road trip followed by another raptor road trip. It being the start of September now we also get the rainfall number for August, mixed with some bird news. The Islay Natural History Trust blog brings us some Visitor Centre News and an update from a Storakaig to An Cladach walk. There are also views on BBC Scotland conned over Porbeagle 'attack'. John Armitage writes about Migrants trickling through. 1.9.2012..

And to finish a few pictures: Mark Unsworth's Image of the week is of Saligo Bay, we also find one of Saligo Bay on his photography gallery. Ron has a Sunburst over Loch Indaal and Dawn at the Sound of Islay on his photoblog. On the INHT blog we find a picture of Mown Silage - George Robertson. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I think I'll go for the Early Morning Light at Kilchoman, Sand and Wreck in Machir Bay and the Shag With Two Young Near Soldier's Rock, Isle of Islay.

That's all for this week, I hope I haven't missed anything important. If I have, please leave a note in the comments. Before I close the usual reference to the Scottish Roundup for the bigger picture, this week with Politics, paralympics, piping and produce. Have a nice evening!

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