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Disathairne, 01/Sep/2012

Phil Documents New Islay Power Cable Works

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After an afternoon of watching old steam rollers and duck races at the Aldermaston and Wasing Show it's now time to return to Islay blogging and something I postponed on Thursday. Currently Scottish Hydro is installing a new underground cable between Bowmore and Port Charlotte, something Phil Gray is documenting on Facebook:

Screenshot of a gallery of pictures of a cable laying project

You can find the growing collection of pictures as the project progresses in Phil's Hydro Laying new line accross Loch Indaal album on his photography page on Facebook. It contains daily pictures of their progress, their successes and also the occasional mishap in a challenging environment. With Phil's permission I've downloaded two of my favourite pictures of their neat work:

Composite picture of two pictures showing the work of an underground cable laying machine

Thanks for this great set of pictures Phil, looking forward to further pictures as the project progresses!

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