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Dihaoine, 21/Sep/2012

Friday Islay Picture #253 - Watchful Goats

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Right then, after last week's break due to my weekend trip to Germany (although I hope you've enjoyed the Port Charlotte lighthouse animated gif) it's time for another Friday Islay picture. This time I'm going to take you to the south of the island, to The Oa, where some Goats were watching me closely as I walked along the cliffs:

Picture of three goats on the top of some cliffs. A bird of prey is also in the picture

This was in June 2012, during my visit to Soldier's Rock, where I also walked a bit further south west along the cliffs until it became impractical to continue. At this point some Goats were standing at the top of the cliffs, watching my every move for quite some time. Not sure how many visitors they get in this area. Soldier's Rock is quite popular, but I don't know how many people continue along the coast.

Having been away last weekend I'm planning to have a quiet weekend mostly at home. Some baking will have to be done as well as a bumper Islay blogging roundup. Have a great weekend whatever your plans are!

PS: How many of you spotted the guest star sneaking into the picture?

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