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Disathairne, 22/Sep/2012

An Islay Blues Trio

Islay Music in stencil

Having been away last weekend I didn't spend too much attention on the Islay Jazz Festival. Unfortunately I also didn't get around to write about the Jura Music Festival which takes place this weekend, some of the performances taking place right while I'm writing this. You can watch videos from last year on the Jura Music Festival Video Gallery. Sticking to the music theme I thought I bring some Islay related music this evening:

It is a free jazz blues tune by an international trio with members from the US, Russia and Germany. The pronunciation is a bit unexpected in some places, but once they've stormed the international pop charts with the song I'm sure they will visit Islay to learn and improve.

Possibly best enjoyed with a wee dram of Islay single malt whisky? Several of them get a mention…

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