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Disathairne, 03/Nov/2012

New Islay Panorama - Saligo River and Saligo Bay

Islay Pictures in stencil

Last weekend I didn't get around to create an Islay panorama, time to catch up with one which I'm quite confident will make at least one person very happy. From the steep cliffs of Soldier's Rock I'm going to take you to the beach (admittedly rocky in places) at Saligo:

Panoramic picture of a river crossing a beach

The preview is as usual far too small, but I hope it will at least get you interested. For the real thing head over to the panorama of a view over Saligo River and Saligo Bay on the west coast of Islay in my More 180° Quicktime VR Islay panoramas collection. This is at the southern end of Saligo Bay, where Saligo River comes down through the dunes and flows across the beach into the sea. I took the pictures for it in April 2012, with Saligo River in good flow.

I hope you enjoy this panorama, if all goes well I'll aim to create another Islay panorama next weekend. If it goes very well I'll even try to get a new Islay video finished before leaving for my next Islay visit. No promises though.

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