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Disathairne, 27/Apr/2013

Colonsay Book Festival Under Way

Colonsay Excursions written in stencil

This weekend Colonsay will be the destination for book lovers. Unfortunately I got my timing a bit wrong and didn't get round to write about it until now. Unfortunately the Walk Islay visit to Colonsay and its wonderful beaches had to be cancelled this year (the ferry was on amber alert and the risk was too high the return ferry would be cancelled), but I understand the guests for this years Colonsay book festival have arrived safely.

Picture of a bay with a golden sandy beach, seen from dunes behind

In addition to talking about their books I hope the guests get to enjoy the beaches including the wonderful Kiloran Bay. Follow @ColonsayBookFes on Twitter for updates including pictures and more. The visitors include one of my favourite authors, Ian Rankin, who tweeted:

Colonsay, I am on you. And drinking all your beer...

— Ian Rankin (@Beathhigh) April 26, 2013

Looks like at least he (but presumably also the others) made it to the beach at Kiloran Bay:


— Ian Rankin (@Beathhigh) April 27, 2013

Not only that, they also went over to Oronsay with the Priory:


— Ian Rankin (@Beathhigh) April 27, 2013

I think that's all I've got to mention for now, follow the Twitter accounts and may be also check the Colonsay Book Festival Facebook page for further updates this weekend.

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