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Disathairne, 16/Nov/2013

Danny MacAskill cycling on Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

Recently Danny MacAskill visited Islay. In the hopefully unlikely event you don't know who Danny is (his videos have been shared all over the internet) you might want to check out Danny MacAskill - "Way Back Home" about his cycling journey from Edinburgh to his hometown of Dunvegan on Skye and Danny MacAskill's Imaginate with more of his cycling tricks. I'm not sure what brought him to Islay, but he was certainly showing some of his tricks:

The unbelievable DANNY MACASKILL is on Islay Here pictured on Bowmore pier. Awesome.

— BRUICHLADDICH Whisky (@Bruichladdich) October 30, 2013

As I said, I don't know what brought him to Islay, if it was another film project or just a holiday. Either way, knowing that he had his bike I was hoping of some video of him in action on Islay. Not an awful lot of luck so far, until today I came across Bailey Freeman's Youtube channel. Now we still don't fully get to see Danny in action, but we do get to see something interesting. Assuming I interpret it correctly we get to see footage filmed by Danny as he went out cycling with Bailey and his dad:

YouTube: Danny MacAskill and my Dad nailing the singletrack to the Singing Sands, Islay.

Somewhere I saw someone mentioning Danny cycling out to Carraig Fhada lighthouse and doing tricks on the footbridge, unfortunately I don't know if there are any pictures/video of it. What I do know is that he was showing Bailey and his dad how it's done near the lighthouse:

YouTube: Danny MacAskill shows us how it`s done!

There are a few more videos on Bailey's channel you might want to check out, if I come across any other videos of Danny on Islay I will of course blog them. Great to see him on Islay, out and about with local folks.

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