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Diluain, 06/Jan/2014

Interesting Crinan Canal video

Islay on Video written in stencil

Something a bit different today, as I'm taking you to the mainland, to Crinan. The category isn't entirely true either, as you don't get to see much of Islay. Eagle eyed viewers will spot Islay at least once in the video though. The video is about the Crinan Canal, a very interesting place to stop at on the journey to Islay:

YouTube: Crinan Film.wmv

A very interesting video I think, giving you a lot of history and information about the canal. While I knew a bit about the canal from previous visits there was also a lot of new information. In particular the Automatic Water Waster I found quite interesting.

I hope you found it interesting as well and may be stop during your next trip to Islay.

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