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Didòmhnaich, 02/Feb/2014

Islay Blogging Roundup #281

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

That's the first weekend of February 2014 almost over already. After baking shortbread and poppy seed rolls yesterday, making some slow progress on the Islay from the air video I'm currently editing yesterday evening and going for a walk to watch Birds (and passing planes) at Hosehill this afternoon it's time for the Islay blogging roundup. What kind of Islay blogging will it bring us this week?

How about a few Islay whisky posts? A flyfishing blogger from Sweden got some Ardbeg for his birthday and Eli tasted the Caol Ila 12. The Bruichladdich News blog shares Ben's Whisky Blog and WhiskyExperts shares Geplanter Produktionsstillstand bei Bruichladdich after a French whisky mag originally reported of an exploded mash tun (according to Google Translate). WhiskyCast shares Jean Donnay Calls Islay “Magical”, To Start Distillery Construction in May at Gartbreck Farm while WhiskyIntelligence writes Gartbreck Distillery will be built in 2014 – Future Scotch Whisky News. Smokypeat brings us a Lagavulin Distillers Edition 1997 – Review and Jordan looks back at Scotland 2013: Lagavulin Warehouse Demonstration.

How about some local Islay blogging? Asher has a few updates on kayaking blog, Moving On, EDIBLE PLANTS and GREAT NEWS!!! are his updates. From the Dower House we hear about Bubbles and Waves Saligo Bay and Justin Tyers has a Stag in the Garden. The latest news from the IECBS is …and still they come!

How about some Islay school blogging? From Islay High School we have Host family wanted. The Our Learning Blog of Port Ellen Primary shares the Address To a Haggis P7 and the Burns Ceilidh. There is also Light and Sight and Robbie is reporting about My Endeavour.

How about some mixed Islay blogging? Sinead has Plans for the summer involving Islay. Ron shares a Fabulous Stalking Video at Callumkill Estate Islay and promotes Islay Lives - Genealogy & Family History. freekee thoughts writes about Carragh Bhan

How about a nice post about one of Islay's neighbours? just Gai has just that in Colonsay.

How about some Islay birdwatching and wildlife? The Islay Birds blog shares a variety of sightings, Peter's sightings from Machir Bay and the January rainfall numbers mixed with some bird news. The INHT blog gives us Snowdrops. The RSPB Islay blog shares first results from their Spy Cam! and demonstrates some Extreme habitat management. John Armitage had Another day of geese galore! 29.1.2014 but also says Hills not yet alive with the sound or sight of birds!.

How about a few Islay pictures? James Collett has been out for a nice Machir Bay Sunset. Mat Unsworth (no, not Mark, that's someone different) shares ‘The Hinge, Not The Latch’ with pictures from his month on Islay. Andrew MacLaren-Scott has a few pictures in Islay remembered. Tim Collier returns for more pictures with Islay Again and the Geese. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I've picked Stones and rocks in Saligo Bay, Dramatic clouds over Kilchoman and the Walkers watching wildlife on the north coast of Islay.

And that is all for this week. Good night.

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