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Diluain, 03/Feb/2014

Slightly strange Lagavulin videos

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And now for something, well, a little bit, erm, different. I don't know where these will be shown, but this evening I found a series of short clips (commercials?) for Lagavulin Islay single malt by director Armen Perian. They are not the usual whisky ads though, they are really a bit different. It seems there are four so far (although there might be 55?), here are two I found interesting:

LAGAVULIN | Champion from armen perian on Vimeo.

And my favourite (hey, it's got Unicorns!!):

LAGAVULIN | Guardian from armen perian on Vimeo.

As I said, they are a bit different. What do you think? Certainly not the usual tartan and glens and shortbread tin ads…

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