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Diardaoin, 13/Feb/2014

Close encounter with Basking Sharks near Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

An amazing Islay wildlife video tonight, thanks to Kevin Robinson. I've mentioned Basking Sharks a couple of times before, although mostly near Colonsay (e.g. Video of Basking Sharks near Colonsay). This one is much closer to home, near the Frenchman's Rocks at the Rhinns of Islay:

Basking Sharks Islay 2010 from Kevin Robinson on Vimeo.

Quite fascinating how close the come to the kayaks, I must admit I'm not sure how comfortable I would be having these massive creatures so close to a fairly vulnerable kayak. Still, it must have been an amazing experience seeing them so close. Thank you very much Kevin for sharing the experience, even though we only get it second hand.

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