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Diciadain, 12/Feb/2014

Some more Islay links

Islay Links in stencil

With the storm and rain battering most of Britain (although it seems for a change Islay is getting off comparably lightly) it's probably best to stay indoors and surf the interwebs. For example with a few Islay related links. Here are a few I thought you might find interesting:

Recently the Screen Machine shared a link to Share a photo of your favourite cinema by the Guardian. Of course I couldn't resist and submitted a view of the Screen Machine on Islay. Feel free to tweet, like, recommend and whatever else you want to do with it.

For my German speaking readers mainly interested in Islay whisky, a German whisky circle is offering a free PDF ebook Alles Über Den Whisky Von Der Isle Of Islay. Looks to be quite well done and well researched.

Something a bit older I somehow stumbled across (can't remember how), did you know that Islay was host to a mathematics workshop a few years ago? Not once but twice? One took place in 2007 for Algebraic aspects of integrable systems, the other back in 1999 and apparently you can find the proceedings here.

And finally a few nice pictures from a walk along the coast between Saligo and Sanaigmore. Some great views around there, having walked there several times I can only recommend it as well.

I hope you found one or two of the links interesting, good night for now.

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