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Diluain, 10/Feb/2014

New Islay video: Bruichladdich from the air

Islay on Video written in stencil

As promised yesterday a bit more about my latest Islay video tonight. Back in January Andrew took us on a flight over Bowmore, now I'm going to take you across Loch Indaal for a flight over Bruichladdich:

YouTube: Bruichladdich, Islay, with a DJI Phantom Quadcopter

This is a slightly unexpected video, as I filmed it during my most recent visit in October. October isn't normally known for calm days, but to my surprise I managed to fly on three occasions (I need it to be fairly calm for a smooth flight and to ensure the quadcopter isn't blown away).

As you will see from the light this was shot very late in the afternoon just before sunset during a short window where the wind calmed. I flew from three locations, from the car park opposite an taigh-osda, from the pier and from outside Bruichladdich distillery. However, I only used footage from the first two in this video as the footage from the last turned out too dark for my liking.

The views you get to see in the videos mainly include the distillery (obviously), the pier and the parts of the village within a relatively short radius around them. As I'm flying on sight I'm limited in how far I can go. It gets a bit scary when the quadcopter is only a tiny dot in the distance and you can't really see which direction it is facing…

I hope you'll enjoy the video and the views over Bruichladdich and Loch Indaal. With the next video I'm planning to take you out to Saligo Bay. With a twist. But more about that in a few weeks, for now I hope you'll enjoy this video.

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