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Dihaoine, 21/Feb/2014

Friday Islay picture #317 - The Dower House

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Yesterday evening Jenny from The Dower House Restoration Project published a wonderful Really Long Annual Update…. Regular readers might remember that I've been following the project for some time now, I think the first mention was with Timelapse Views from The Dower House, Islay (unfortunately the comments from the entry have since been lost). This was followed by regular mentions in the Islay blogging roundup, the first one in Roundup #248. Following a chat on Twitter (they are @DowerHouseIslay, I am @islayblog) I thought they should get another special mention here. Did I have a picture of the house? Yes, I managed to find one:

Picture of a house on a wooded shore, seen across skerries

This picture is from before they took over, I took the picture in June 2012. Not sure from where exactly I took the picture, it's from across Loch a' Chnuic, somewhere near Glac an Sgadain. I think it nicely shows the beautiful location, wonderful lush green around it, a beach just below and a view out to sea. Not to forget a wonderful area for walks and wildlife, the southern skerries, just behind from where I took this picture. That's where the walk from where I took this picture took me to, but that's a different story.

I hope to meet Jenny (and of course the rest of the Dower House crew) during one of my visits later this year. I'm certainly impressed by all their hard work and that they still find the time to share stories from their adventure with us.

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