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Dimàirt, 04/Mar/2014

Interesting Bowmore behind the scenes video

Islay on Video written in stencil

Two very interesting Islay single malt whisky videos have been published the last two days. One from Islay's youngest distillery (for now), which I'll blog about the next few days, the other from Islay's oldest distillery, which I thought we should look at tonight. Here is Bowmore's teaser for an upcoming film:

YouTube: Behind the scenes of the new Bowmore film

Very much looking forward to seeing the final film. In the meantime, for those interested in seeing more of Iain's work take a look at Iain Gardner Animations website with at least remotely related this Shepherd Neame brewing film. For a taster of Lewis Rumney's music you can take a look (well, listen) at Lewis Rumney's Soundcloud account. Belated Happy Birthday to him, his birthday was a few days ago.

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