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Diciadain, 05/Mar/2014

Prize winning Old Excise House marmalade

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The Old Excise House on Islay has just gained another reason for visitors to stay with them, in particular if they like marmalade: A few days ago Emma sent me the news that her Seville orange marmalade with a touch of Laphroaig quarter cask whisky has won a Silver award at The Worlds Original Marmalade awards 2014. Before we go into the details a quick reminder of its home, the Old Excise House on the south coast of Islay:

Picture of a beautiful old house in the evening light

While I haven't stayed at their B&B yet I've known Ron and Emma for a number of years now, have had the opportunity to taste Emma's excellent home baking and have been shown the rooms by Ron. As you can see above the house is in a beautiful location (see the picture in larger here). But now back to the marmalade:

Picture of a glass of marmalade next to a whisky bottle

The basic recipe used by Emma was handed down from her Nan with Emma adding another key ingredient from their nearest neighbours, Islay single malt whisky from Laphroaig distillery. A logical choice not only because of the distance, but also as the name implies the house was originally built to house the excise officers for Laphroaig.

Against some very strong competition from around the world Emma's first entry in the competition won Silver in the Hotel & B&B category. Her guest can now have the marmalade for breakfast or even take some with them, home or during their adventures on Islay. In the words of Awards and Festival organiser Jane Hasell-McCosh:

Congratulations to The Old Excise House, Islay on their award. The Bed & Breakfast and Hotel Category is for establishments who make their marmalades in their kitchens, and continues to raise standards of marmalades served to guests not only in this country but from abroad. The awards assist marmalade enthusiasts to locate the best bed & breakfasts and hotels, serving the best marmalade.

To close a picture of a lot of marmalade. Really a lot.

Picture of a lot of marmalade at a competition display

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