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Dimàirt, 18/Mar/2014

A cable plough on Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

And now for something a bit different. After a scary experience on the way home (a car was driving the wrong way along a dual carriageway towards me, I could avoid it and there were no accidents behind me either, but I believe some hairy moments) I need something a bit calmer this evening. How about some very slow moving machinery on Islay?

YouTube: Cable Plough / Kabelpflug

This is at the top of Loch Indaal, going across the mudflats at low tide. I'm not entirely sure when this was filmed, but I believe it was a few years ago when the new cable was laid. Here's another view of it near Uiskentuie:

YouTube: Cable Plough / Kabelpflug 33KV Cable

This seems to be all about what is called ‘trench-less technology’, which essentially means not digging a trench to lay a cable. It seems to be a speciality of Josef Schnell, which did a lot of the work on Islay for SSE. The header picture on their site is from Islay, as are several in their gallery. And if you can't get enough there's some more Islay in their longer promotional video Cable Plough / Kabelpflug Josef Schnell.

That is all for tonight. Good night!

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