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Dihaoine, 28/Mar/2014

Friday Islay picture #322 - Lagavulin at the coast

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Well then, it's Friday evening. Earlier I posted the 900th picture on my Islay Pictures photoblog since the relaunch, hopefully the colourful June sunset was an appropriate choice. Admittedly that was a repost, as I'm still working on getting all the older pictures back online. However, the Friday Islay picture is always something I haven't published before. So here's something I haven't shown before:

Picture of coastal village with a distillery, seen from coastal hills behind

A view of Lagavulin distillery and village from the hills on Islay's south coast. Apologies to the folks at Laphroaig, as this picture was taken during a walk guided by them. The equivalent (taken during the same walk) is Laphroaig warehouses and a passing ferry. On the other hand, you do get better views of Lagavulin from this side, as Laphroaig is largely hidden by the trees. You do get a nice view of Lagavulin Bay and Dunyvaig castle from the hills though.

And as the size I'm posting here is fairly small you might want to watch the photoblog on Saturday morning, where I will (as usual) post a version of this picture twice as big. Until then, good night and have a great weekend!

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