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Didòmhnaich, 30/Mar/2014

Islay Blogging Roundup #289

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

That's March almost over and the clocks have gone forward last night. Hello to longer brighter evenings. And not long to the Islay walking week, just two weeks to go. Yay! But before I leave there will still be two Islay blogging roundups to write, next week's and of course tonights. So here we go:

To start with a good bye (and hopefully also a return one day): Last week I mentioned We lost a good one today… on the RSPB blog, saying good bye to Amy after her time on Islay came to an end (she's returning to Ramsey Island). Amy took a lot of nice pictures both during her work as well as her walks, this week she posted a few memories: Machir Bay, Sunset over Machir Bay, chambered cairn on the Oa, gathering sheep on the Oa, raised beach and deer fence at Gruinart, rare snow on the Oa, around Kilchoman and to close Sunset around Grainel and Loch Gruinart. Thanks for all the great Islay blogging Amy, hope you'll be back for more.

The Island Review shares Islay: the island of whisky and Ron has a nice Stormy Weather at Lagavulin Bay video. The IET blog reports Great advances…., linked to it Another day, another fabulous total! on the IECBS blog.

After a break there are a lot of postings on the Our Learning Blog of Port Ellen Primary. They include Decimals, My Endeavour Quilt Making, Football Robots !!!, Trip To Islay High For National Science Week, Photo Competition, Taking Emily Horse Riding For Endeavour and Port Charlotte P6/7 Come To Port Ellen P6/7.

Some Islay whisky postings: Whisky und Frauen from Germany writes Das Spiel kann beginnen: neuer Ardbeg Auriverdes wird am Ardbeg Day vorgestellt and Michael Heads Distillery Manager of the Year while the Rowan Cottage blog introduces A whisky lovers dream venue for a wedding …. The Bruichladdich news blog informs us Jim McEwan Inducted Into Hall Of Fame. A few tastings: Laphroaig QA Cask 40 % on and Johannes has a whole raft of notes including Bruichladdich 10 year old – The Laddie Ten review, Elements of Islay Lg3 review and Lagavulin 16 year old review. Time for whisky from Australia Tasted #71 through #75: Kilchoman (#101drams).

On to the birdwatching and wildlife: On the GWCT Woodcock Watch Blog we find Meet our new woodcock and track them online, three of them were caught and tagged on Islay. The Islay birds blog reports from monthly bird nerds meeting, has sightings by Peter as well as the Bolton Birders and more sightings by the Lincs and the Bolton birders. On the RSPB Islay blog we can read about the Oa coast and hear about Tales of the expected.

Of course there were pictures: Darren Robinson was in Islay Heaven….. and James Collett shares a view from Ronachan Point, Kintyre to Islay and Jura. Ron has casks at Bunnahabhain. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I've picked Starry night sky over Machir Bay, Otter on the Jura Shore of the Sound of Islay (2) and of course the 900th picture since the relaunch, Colourful June sunset, Isle of Islay.

And finally something from some visitors who haven't made it to Islay just yet (well, they might have by now, but they were certainly delayed): Inte Helt Enligt Planen. Fingers crossed all turned out well and I can link to an update from their time on Islay next roundup.

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