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Dihaoine, 02/May/2014

Friday Islay picture #325 - Laphroaig Pagoda

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

It's a bit of a Laphroaig day on both of my blogs today. On the Islay Pictures photoblog I posted Laphroaig offices and warehouse no.1 and Tourist Armin at Laphroaig today. And on here I've picked another Laphroaig picture for the Friday Islay picture:

Picture of a distillery pagoda with peat smoke coming out

Of course there's a reason for this: It's distillery manager's John Campbell's birthday today. He wasn't in charge back then, but Laphroaig was the first Islay whisky I ever tasted and is still my first love (sorry to all the other Islay distilleries, while I do enjoy your whisky, in some cases quite a lot, dislodging Laphroaig will probably be impossible). So I hope John (and of course his excellent crew at the distillery) will keep the peat fires going for many many years to come.

On that note I'm going to sign off for today, wishing you a great (bank holiday, where applicable) weekend!

PS: writing this entry was supported by listening to a good dose of Pixies and a wee dram (or two) of Laphroaig Triple Wood.

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