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Diluain, 09/Jun/2014

Collected Islay links

Islay Links in stencil

Probably should have written this post a while ago as some of them are a bit old now, but then again some of you might still find them interesting. Anyway, here's a bunch of Islay related web finds and links from the last few weeks:

Not the adventure they set out for, luckily it all ended well: Helicopter rescue for family stranded on boat near Isle of Islay.

From down under with a large focus on Ardbeg from Islay: What type of whisky fan are you?

One of the rare birds Islay is known for: The chough: RSPB survey into one of Scotland's rarest birds

An Islay guide focusing mainly on the distilleries: An island guide to Islay, 'the Queen of the Hebrides'

It would be a real pity if Jimmy's were to close: Island post office’s manager leaves after 40 years

Quite an achievement for such a small village on an island: Post Office in tiny Hebrides village - population 120 - sends out 3000th food package for troops in Afghanistan

An interesting recipe with Laphroaig Islay single malt whisky: Laphroaig ice cream with salted caramel swirl

I think I'll stop here, I hope you've found one or two or more of the links interesting. More Islay finds and links in due course.

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