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Diardaoin, 12/Jun/2014

Off to Islay for two weeks

Islay Fun in stencil

Trying to get going with packing (laundry is done, bread baking is well under way, just the packing…), so this will probably a fairly short good bye. Yes, it's time for another Islay visit. June again, I've been going in June for a few years now, enjoying the long days including the longest day of the year.

So what are the plans? To start with I'm hoping to get some walking in again. Not sure yet if in this exact location (as that picture is from last year, might return or go somewhere else this year):

Picture of a man walking on a hill along a dramatic coastline

Unfortunately I will miss the Islay Beach Rugby as I won't arrive until Saturday evening (happy that I'm able to go these two weeks in the first place). Probably will also miss most or even all of the Football World Cup, as I don't intend to waste valuable time on Islay watching it.

Instead I'm hoping to be out and about as much as possible. In particular hoping for a clear night or two on Saturday and Sunday to watch (and if possible take pictures of) the ISS passing in the night sky. Weather (wind) permitting I'm hoping to get a few quadcopter flights in. Of course a few distillery visits. Not to forget of course meeting many old and new friends, one of the most important parts of each visit.

It will also be my last stay at Kilchoman House Cottages with Ian and Margaret running them, as they will be retiring soon. The cottages will stay open though under new ownership, so it won't be my last stay there. Still, feeling a bit sentimental after quite a few years staying with them.

As usual this blog as well as the Islay Pictures photoblog will almost certainly fall silent while I'm away. However, I do intend to post to my IslayBlog on Tumblr account and there will also be updates on the @islayblog Twitter feed.

Good night and see you in two (and a bit) weeks.

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