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Disathairne, 05/Jul/2014

Sorry for the lack of Islay blogging here

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It's probably time for at least some sign of life on this blog. Under normal circumstances I would have started blogging again last Sunday after returning from Islay visit in June, but unfortunately there are some unusual circumstances. My two week Islay holiday unfortunately took a wrong turn:

After a nice journey up and a nice first evening I went for my usual run on the beach in Machir Bay on the first morning. Returning from it I suddenly had a massive pain in my right leg and could hardly walk in the afternoon, soon followed by significant swelling of my calf. With hindsight I probably aggravated it the next day when I thought I could walk/light jog it off after a slight improvement, only to make it worse by doing that. Over the next few days it only improved slightly and on the Friday I went to the doctor. Looking at it they thought there was a possibility of a DVT and treated it accordingly. As the necessary tests couldn't be completed on Islay I had to fly to Glasgow early in the second week, where to my huge relief the tests for a DVT were negative. It was ‘only’ a muscle strain, which required a lot of rest. Only on the second Friday of my stay on Islay I could slowly start to properly walk again (especially after the return flight from Glasgow was delayed by 24 hours due to fog on Islay…) before having to leave again for Aldermaston Wharf on the Saturday.

Of course this meant I wasn't able to complete any of my plans for the visit. I took hardly any pictures as most of the time was spent resting in/at the cottage with the leg raised (as well as 48 hours in Glasgow). Luckily I still just managed one sunset from the dunes in Saligo Bay (I wasn't able to climb down to the beach) on the last evening:

Picture of a cloudy sunset over a bay with a beach and dunes

Since returning home I've been mainly resting the leg when at home (as well as in the office as much as possible, having gone back to work on Monday), which didn't allow me to spend much time at the computer in the evening. While I updated the Islay Pictures photoblog as normal this blog had to suffer. Not being in the office and generally slowly improving allowed me to sit down today to write this entry, after a long (1:20 hours) walk this afternoon with no negative effects.

With further improvements I'm hoping to be able to start more blogging here in a weeks time or so. If all goes well I'm also hoping to start some light jogging next weekend, although I'll be very careful with that.

Before closing I'd like to say a huge thanks to all the people who helped my immensely while I was unable to function much with the leg injury, especially being unable to drive and only to walk (limp) very slowly. I wouldn't have been able to cope without your help. Also thank you for all the get well wishes on Twitter, Facebook and via email.

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