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Diciadain, 23/Jul/2014

Plane departure from Islay with a difference

Islay on Video written in stencil

Regular readers will be well aware that I love Islay from the air pictures and videos. Recently I came across another one from a plane departing from Islay. Usually the videos and pictures are from inside the plane, this one is a little bit different. The camera is mounted under one of the wings, the first one where I can recall seeing this done:

YouTube: Islay early AM departure

With the camera not having to film through a window I think the view is much better, much clearer. I love the views, the colours of the landscape. Only minor disappointment is that Patrick didn't go past Port Ellen and the distilleries (although you can catch a short glimpse of Ardbeg at around 3:45 min if you watch closely). Hopefully he'll return to Islay one day and catch up on that in similar glorious weather.

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