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Didòmhnaich, 20/Jul/2014

Islay Blogging Roundup #298

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

If I want to hit the 300 mark this summer I think I better get going. After the return of the Friday Islay picture, my first full run since the injury (rested today, only went for a walk) and this summer's gardening (a view from the other side) it is time to bring back the Islay blogging roundup. What have the blogs been saying about Islay recently?

Let me start with a new blog from Islay, called ANGELADUNBAR. As the name indicates, it's by Angela Dunbar, an Islay Folk Singer. You can find videos and other news on the blog.

A few Islay visitors: Gordon writes from his Islay Visit Part XXXVII. Nina has a series of entries from her Islay visit, to Scotland, the sky of Islay, even slower, immersion, immersion, continued, and she shall have music wherever she goes…, this, too, is Islay, Sunday on the Isle of Islay and and in the end…. The Grapescot (quite late) writes about Feis Ile 2014 Islay Whisky Festival - Highlights and Islay Whisky Festival 2014 - Ardbeg while Jacob just has The Islay. Whisky Saga brings us The Big Islay Adventure 2014 – part 1, The Big Islay Adventure 2014 – part 2 and The Big Islay Adventure 2014 – part 3. Rainer writes about Islay 2014 and Gartbreck Distillery

The Bruichladdich blog writes about The Laddie Banjo, announces Duncan McGillivray Retires and has a report from the Islay Beach Rugby 2014. Ron shares Lily Celebrates her 100th Birthday, a report Sailing Onboard the Thalassa to the Islay Festival and announces Ardbeg Kildalton to Support Port Ellen Community. The Rowan Cottage answers Why come to Islay in June?

A lot of updates on Becky's Islay Welly Walks blog, including Lily's birthday and sandcastle competition, Heiko's Birthday Walk and Islay and Jura Youth Action at Killinallan. From the Dower House we hear about "Sleeping with a rat?", see the Highlights of the last 2 weeks in June! and read about Where We Are…. The IECBS shares an update about Improving the track to the turbine site.

The IHS Head Teacher blog shares a Review of the Year 2013/2014. On the Our Learning Blog of Port Ellen Primary we can read about Beach Rugby, the Scottish Education Awards, the P6/7 Science Trip and Our Trip To Bowmore.

The Malt Impostor writes about Duncan McGillivray, Bruichladdich Distillery Manager, retires after 40 years and tastes The Wemyss "Heathery Smoke" 30 year old Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky (50 ml performance art piece). The Whisky Advocate has John Campbell of Laphroaig – In 140 Or Less. The Smokybeast has Battle of the Beasts Part 1: Lagavulin 12-Year, Battle of the Beasts Part 2: Ardbeg Supernova, Battle of the Beasts Part 3: Bruichladdich Octomore 2.1, Battle of the Beasts Part Four: Kilchoman Barrel Room and Battle of the Beasts Finale - The Baddest Beast in the Land! Peter also had some festival posts: Feis Ile 2014: Mein Besuch bei Gartbreck, Feis Ile: The Ultimate Islay Tour – Lagavulin, Caol Ila und Maltings and Feis Ile: Schicht als Stillman und Mashman bei Ardbeg.

Of course there was lots of birdwatching and wildlife: On the Islay Birds blog we find Emily's sightings, news about Islay at the British Bird Fair, a Black Tailed Godwit, the return of the blog after Ian's move, a Rose Coloured Starling and a brilliant Hen Harrier. The INHT blog shares Sanaigmore Ramble - 13th July 2014, A Pond of Wonders, Camping and caves at Bagh an Da Dhoruis and answers the question So What's been happening?. On the RSPB Islay blog we can read about a Balancing act, the Return of Trail cam!, news of Hot Weather and the Sea bird surveys. Gordon Yates writes about a Corncrake Spectacular, Islay’s Seabirds and a Skydancer.

To close of course the pictures: James Collett has Loch Fada, Islay and the Rhinns Of Islay Lighthouse, reports from his Beinn Bheigier Walk, Islay, shares a nice Glenastle Loch, Islay, Sunset Timelapse and takes us to Lossit Bay, Islay. Ron shares Portnahaven Church and Kilnaughton Bay. The Alcademics share Snap Shots: Boats Off Bowmore. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I've picked Filming the sunset in Saligo Bay, High Road on a June evening, Saligo Bay sunset June 2014 and Bowmore from Knockdon, Isle of Islay.

That's it for now, I hope you found something interesting. If all goes to plan it will be #299 next weekend followed by the magic #300 the weekend after. Good night for now.

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