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Diluain, 08/Sep/2014

Goddard Radio Moscow reviews Islay Ales

Islay on Video written in stencil

Having earlier posted a picture of Inside Islay Ales brewery on the photoblog I thought I post a video of a beer review of one of their ales here tonight. The review is from GoddardRadioMoscow, but doesn't come from Russia. Also don't let the German football shirt he's wearing confuse you, he's not from Germany either. Enjoy:

YouTube: Beer Review #310: SBM #4 - Islay Ales - Saligo Ale (Scotland)

Having mentioned the German football shirt, he seems to have spent quite a lot of time in Germany, including in Heidelberg where my sister lives. He reviewed some of the beers of the Vetter Brauhaus, where my sister takes me when I visit her. I should think Walter Schobert of Islay Ales probably knows them from when he lived not far away in Germany.

There will be more reviews from him of Islay Ales in the course of his Scottish Beer Month, I'll try to mention them here if possible.

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